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Cross-sectional view of upper alveolar ridge with a dental implant outline in the confines of the bone

Discover Mentorship and Implant Training

Surgery and Prosthetics

73 Hours of CE

Courses Included in this Program:

  • Online, On Demand Implant Surgical and Prosthodontic Curriculum
  • Live Implant Power Hours
  • Recorded Implant Power Hours
  • Surgical Video Library
  • Restorative and Surgical Implant Hands-On In Person
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Dr. Marie Aude Fadairo and Dr. Teodora Cristina Ionescu

Dr. Marie Aude Fadairo and Dr. Teodora Cristina Ionescu

We LOVED this course!

"I loved the hands-on component, and the lecture was just exactly what we needed, not more, not less.

The lecture gave us enough information so we could do the practical part and we could troubleshoot when there was something. The instructors were there all the time. They really took the time to address all the questions we had popping up. They gave us tidbits from all their own experiences.

It was a fantastic course. One of the best I have been to in my life!

Please, come and do it! It is very worth it. The facilities are state of the art!"

Dr. Caroline Alpert

Dr. Caroline Alpert

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