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The Immune System Behind Implant Success and Failure (58 min)

The Immune System Behind Implant Success and Failure (58 min)

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The Immune System Behind Implant Success and Failure

By Professor Tomas Albrektsson, a pioneer of osseointegration


This lecture is a MUST WATCH for all clinicians involved in implant treatment, regardless of whether it entails the surgical or restorative aspect of implant care. The concept of “peri-implantitis” is reviewed, and the notion that it is a disease is challenged. New scientific findings are presented that discuss the role of the immune system and its response to the foreign implant body.

Learning objectives:

1. Understand the definition of osseointegration today and how it differs from the past.

2. Learn about the impact of the immune system on osseointegration and bone loss.

3. Review the interplay of bacteria in relation to bone loss

4. Understand the various factors that can cause marginal bone loss around implants and failure

5. Review concepts on how to manage bone loss around implants


Dr. Tomas Albrektsson

MD, Ph.D., ODhc, RCPSG, born August 25th, 1945, Swedish citizen.

Professional Preparation

MD in 1973, PhD-thesis  Healing of Bone Grafts  defended in 1979 (Tutor: P-I Brånemark)

Full-time clinical work between 1973 and 1976, Associate ... See Dr. Tomas Albrektsson's Bio